Isla Galápagos Part III

PELICAN_CLOSE UPAs we mentioned in the last post diving in the Galapagos was spectacular but we were in now way prepared for how amazing snorkelling would be. Sharks, turtles, rays were all common place on each snorkel. What sets snorkelling in the Galapagos aside from any where else in the world is the ability to watch marine iguanas cling to volcanic rocks under water and chomp away at the algae, to have a penguin swim along side you at the equator, to watch a cormorant dive like a rocket from the water surface and all of this while seeing puffer fish, octopus and even a sea horse! But what makes the Galapagos so fascinating is how there seems to be no clear dividing line between sea and land. Many of the land reptiles and birds also spend much of their time in the algae rich waters. Eagle eyed blue footed boobies nose dive from huge heights into the waters below. Marine Iguanas lounge around in the mid morning after having an early morning dive in the waters, searching for food.

In this post we will focus on the sea birds; penguins, pelicans, boobies, frigates and cormorants.

blue footed boobies

Red_Footed_Boobie Red_Footed_Boobie_1Penguins Penguin Penguin_3 Penguin_2 Nazca_BoobiesNazca_Boobie Frigate Frigate_2 Female frigate cormorant Cormorant_2 Chick boobie chickblue footed boobie_1boobie in flight




Isla Galápagos Part II


Sailing for eight days was obviously going to be an incredible experience, especially aboard such a beautiful schooner, but we had no idea just how fascinating being on, and in the water would be. As we sailed along we were treated to the sights of dolphins, whales and lots of tuna jumping out of the water.

Dolphin_Pod_01 Dolphin_Pod_03 Dolphin_Pod_02

We also saw huge schools of Mola Mola (ocean sun fish)  jumping clear out of the water. This was a new experience for us and at times the ocean looked like it was swarming with small sharks as their dorsal fin protruded the surface. When they jumped they were gone in a flash and this is the only photograph we managed to take which captured it.


We had expected the marine life to be spectacular so we factored in time for scuba diving beforehand and went to the beautiful dive sites of Enderby and Champion at Floreana island. Visibility wasn’t amazing but with so many currents whirling around that was to be expected. Galapagos sharks, although described as curious, thankfully didn’t pay too much attention too us and more often then not, swam away as we approached. We were blown away by the numbers of fish, rays, turtles and sharks. The most fun and impressive of all were the beautiful sea lions that would jump in to play when we snorkelled, swimming right up to and around us, like puppies! (more to come on that in part III!) Here are a few photos of these beautiful creatures taken from the land.




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Islas Galápagos

The Beagle

This is the start of a series of photography blogs based on our trip to the Galapagos Islands in April 2014. We sailed for 8 days around the North Western islands on the beautiful two-mast schooner ‘The Beagle’. Our excellent guide Daniel Sanchez had a wealth of knowledge to share with us as he took us snorkelling and trekking around the islands. We met a great group of people who made this trip so memorable. We thought this would be a trip of a lifetime, and it didn’t disappoint.

Sally lightfoot crab Penguin Isla Isabela Giant TortoiseBlue Footed Boobies Marine Iguana Sea Lion Flightless Cormorant Common Dolphin Juvenile Red Footed Boobie Male Frigate Bird Darwin's LakeSunset

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Coney Island

Coney Island: ‘Nathan’s hotdogs’, ‘The Cyclone’ and ‘Freak shows’…what isn’t there to like?!

We went to visit Coney Island on the Eve of Hurricane Irene 2011; it was a little blowy and relatively quiet as we wandered along the seafront and through the maze of clunking machines.

Nevertheless it was still a treat for the eyes, so we invite you to roll up, roll up and enter our world, our Coney Island experience….

Got your happy face ready?

First thing first, you must buy your tickets for …

But it’s a busy place so make sure you take part in all activities…

but don’t get worn out…

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave…

But remember you can always come back.

Coney Island is an institute, a place beyond the realms of normality, a place of dreams, we’re just not sure whose dreams!

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Geoffrey Mutai wins NY Marthon!

Congratulations to Geoffrey Mutai who has just smashed the NY marathon record, racing past the finish with an unofficial time of 2:05:05!

Huge win for Ethiopian Firehiwot Dado who won her debut NY race in 02:23:15!

Good luck to all the runners competing in this great marathon!

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Berlin Marathon

The Berlin marathon is always watched intently by runners as the flat course leads to a record breaking race. This year was no different with all the attention on Haile Gebrselassie. Elite runners Hahnel, Farsoeht and Pakhoi weren’t to know that two of them would finish a race that Haile dropped out of.

Hahnel: 02:28:04 Farsoeht 02:21:04 Pakhoi: dropped out

Paula Radcliffe may have been nervous before she started making a quick stop in the portaloos but she proved that she is back on form finishing 3rd behind Florence Kiplagat and Irina Mikitenko.

As with all of these races it’s the thousands of amateurs racing to achieve personal bests and the thousands of locals lining the streets that create the true atmosphere. Here’s a few photos of competitors and street scenes that made the day such a fun one.

Oliveira, Antonio 02:28:44

Halfway point and ‘where the **** is the finish line?’ is already in the thoughts of many!

Steffen Zeyer seemed to benefit from the extra support running his fastest km at this half way point, finishing with a great time of 02:53:45.

Bands lined the streets…

The other half of Wonkyeye: Andy Greaves did me proud finishing in a personal best of 04:01:26

Impossible is nothing…

For some the hot weather couldn’t be quenched by a drink and they sought relief running through the spray of the Berlin city Fire Brigade trucks

As we left to go and enjoy a bratwurst and beer the thousands were still streaming through, battling against the pain to finish the last few kms.

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Berlin, Berlin!!

We just spent last weekend in Berlin: half of Wonkyeye running a marathon and the other half taking photos, good times!
I managed to catch Paula Radcliffe coming out of a ‘portaloo’ and on the flight home sat beside Kyle Shaw who told me how he has his sights set on a place in the 2012 Paralympic in London. In between all the meetings there were photos, lots of photos! So please check back in a few days when we get a chance to write a blog.
In the meantime why not have a look back at the “Emmanuel Mutai wins the London Marathon!” or “Great North Run” so see some of our other sporting events. You’ll see lots of familiar faces like, Berlin marathon winner Patrick Makua.

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