The story behind the photo 7/10

Hyde Park Siesta

It seems like a long time ago since Wiliam and Kate tied the knot, 5 years to be exact. This young couple are now, presumably, tired parents of two gorgeous children. Boris Johnson was merely just the bumbling Mayor of London, presumably drinking copious amounts of champagne to help celebrate the Royal wedding and, dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister. Nigel Farage was relatively unheard of, presumably downing copious pints of ale to help toast these youngsters and talking about Pippa’s bottom. Michael Gove, well no one has ever liked Micheal Gove so it doesn’t matter what he was doing, albeit probably conjuring up a plan about how he would firstly destroy the education system and then the country.

The whole of London turned into one big street party and we had the pleasure of photographing the whole event through a Sony run documentary course lead by documentary photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg. The aim was to capture the party atmosphere and it was easy, I never experienced such a public display of happiness for two young people. A royal wedding meant that in true British fashion Pimms and Procesco was drunk in copious amounts from early in the morning. This photo was displayed in Somerset House as part of the Sony World Phototagraphy Awards. At the time we thought it represented the end of the party. In hindsight I worry that this photo caused BREXIT. I mean it does show five Spanish friends clearly imposing their culture and way of life, during one of the most British celebrations ever, by having a siesta in the middle of the day! Who ever knew this photo would result in the downfall of the British economy, Boris’s career and Nigel’s not one, but two early retirements. Gove, well as I said before, no one ever liked Gove. To all of our British family and friends I can only apologise I highlighted the negative impact immigrants were having on your country. I can only say as an immigrant myself I knew no better.

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Faces of Galway 10/100

Pat Divilly.jpg

Meet Pat, from Limerick, but claimed by Galway!

Who else to bring us into our weekend but best selling author, motivational speaker and fitness coach, and award winning entrepreneur; Pat Divilly. We are delighted to have Pat as our tenth Face of Galway.

A good portrait will always give you a little insight into a person and if you look at Pat’s eyes you can see a steel drive there that isn’t common in many people. He is focused on what he wants to achieve and that stems from his past failures. Using the word steel might suggest he is hard or ruthless but actually he is quite the opposite. There is a really sense of community and belonging when chatting with Pat, he genuinely wants to help people and his local area.

So to bring us into the, hopefully sunny, weekend we will leave you with a quote from Pat that we at Wonky Eye Photography live by:

“My belief is that ideas and thoughts are free, so you might as well think big and dream!”

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Faces of Galway 9/100

9_100_Brian copyright

Meet Brian from The Aran Islands!

The Frances Thornton Memorial Swim (in aid of Cancer Care West) takes place every summer and is now in its 11th year. The swim across Galway Bay from Augnish in Co. Clare to Blackrock Diving Tower in Salthill is approximately 13 km. It is the only bay swim crossing on the Wild Atlantic Way.

This year the first person home was Brian who completed the challenge in 3 hours 9 minutes. This photo was taken just after he emerged from the water and he was barely out of breath! This was the second time Brian has swam this swim and he knocked over an hour off his last time, which was in 2011. Brian was meant to swim in 2012 but sadly his brother died the night before the swim. Pretty impressive stuff to come back to do this swim AND come in first out of 101 swimmers. Well done Brian!

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Faces of Galway 8/100

8_100_Gavan copyright

Meet Gavan from Knocknacarra

We have always had a romantic notion of becoming adventurers here at Wonky Eye Photography.  We have traveled a lot and been to places that aren’t your run of the mill holiday destination, we have been physically and mentally tested, and we spent six months sleeping in the hottest and smallest tent imaginable in Africa. But we were no where near to the level of an adventurer. Livingstone, Shakelton and now Hennigan, now there are adventurers!

When we meet Gavan on a rowing machine in Salthill we couldn’t help but stop and talk to him. This was common for the whole 5 hours he was rowing 50k. He was there to support the Frances Thorton Memorial swim (more on that tomorrow) and to show off his new boat Doireann. This is going to be his home from December. He is planning on rowing the Atlantic SOLO as part of The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge Race! Now his boat is bigger then our tent was but that’s some challenge, in fact it is considered to be one of the toughest challenges on the planet!

A really level headed guy (good for all that alone time at sea) Gavan is excited about this adventure and to be fair it will be warmer then so,e of his last ones. Why not check out his website to see what he has been up to?

Faces of Galway 7/100

7_100_Niall copyright

Meet Niall from Galway
The lifeguards in Salthill have tough job of watching over the hundreds of enthusiastic swimmers and divers at Blackpool Tower. Some of the hardest days are when the tower is packed with people rushing to jump this infamous tower. Surprisingly the hazard isn’t so much those brave souls jumping not being strong enough swimmers but the crowds pushing others into the water. Niall has been working as a lifeguard for 4 years, as a part time job, while he completed his degree at NUIG. He has completed his degree and is hoping to start a Masters in Computer Science this September. Smart man!


Faces of Galway 6/100

6_100_Pierre copyright

Meet Pierre from Marseille.

Pierre is a French national who worked in NUIG last year as an assistant in the French department. He enjoyed the Galway International Arts Festival so much he returned to Galway this summer solely to volunteer. Pierre had the fun job of ‘minding’ the Donnacha Cahill’s gramophone! We found him strumming his guitar at the base of the sculpture while soaking up the sunshine! Nice job! Pierre is delighted to have been chosen for the 100 faces of Galway project and said ” I’m sure my grandmas will be delighted to have pictures of such a quality of their grandson”.

Thank you Pierre!

Faces of Galway 5/100


Meet Kevin from Finglas.
I met Kevin while out photographing Lough Corrib for an exhibition. Kevin is originally from Finglas, and the accent hasn’t left him, but has been living in Connemara for a long time. Like many ‘blow ins’ he was came to Connemara after a woman! We had a great chat while he was prepping his fishing gear and emptying his boat of water. Kevin is an active member of the Oughterard Anglers Association and taught me a lot about trout fishing in the lake. A genuinely nice and interesting man Kevin runs fishing trips on Lough Corrib. So if you have nothing planned for the bank holiday weekend why don’t you give him at call and arrange a few hours tranquility out on the lake.

Kevin Prunty: 085 1694930 or email him directly at

Faces of Galway 4/100


Meet Paddy from Sligo

Paddy was having a coffee in the middle of a busy Eyre Square when I approached him. In the midst of all the hustle he looked very still. Paddy was having a sad day as he had just been to visit his wife in hospital, she had had a heart attack and was waiting to get two stints in place. He was unsure as to how she was getting on and he was waiting for his daughter to collect him. He told me about his 16 kids, all married but one, and he has so many grandkids he has lost count. As we chatted further we discovered he now lives in the town I grew up in, small world! Paddy was a lovely man to talk to and I hope his wife returns to her full health soon

Faces of Galway 3/100


Meet Holly from Galway
I was walking through the Galway markets when Holly appeared as a vision of eccentricity. I told her I loved her look and she said it was her happy look. I didn’t realise at the time that Holly is a well known artist in Galway who works with Ceramics and also teaches art. One of Holly’s well know art exhibitions “Merged Forvever Into Clay”, sought to show the hidden grief in the loss of thousands of young Irishmen in World War One.

Holly is currently working on a healing project.

Faces of Galway 2/100


Meet Niall from Tuam. 

I stopped Niall because of his wonderful moustache and found out it was the result of a botched shave of his beard this morning – lucky me! Niall is a musician who is part of a three piece garage pop group called “Oh Boland” . When I stopped him he was on his way to fill in for a friend’s band who were down a guitarist. Niall was a dream model who was happy to stand wherever I wanted and said “do what you like!” I think this photo sums up his laid back vibe.

For more information on Niall’s band “OhBoland” check out the following sites:

Faces of Galway 1/100


We are delighted to introduce the first of our 100 Faces of Galway.

Meet Marciana from Romania. She has been in Galway 2 years and was on a quick break from her job in Java’s when I caught her hiding from the rain. Marciana is a director so she is not used to being in front of the camera, but this photo indicates otherwise. I had a lovely colour portrait of her but after talking to her a little longer I decided to go with this black and white which shows a little more of her character, confident but approachable. Marciana is directing a play in Nuns Island later this year.