Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2011

After making it to the semi-final last year we decided to enter more of our photos into the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer competition again this year. We entered into 3 different categories: Black and White, Animal Portraits and Animals in their Environment.

Here are the entries for the Black and White Category.

The first photo, entitled Waterhole Stampede was taken by Andy in the Kunene Region of Namibia, within our much favoured Etosha National Park. We were sitting at a remote waterhole watching large numbers of Zebras, Impala and Wildebeest drink quietly. The scene changed dramatically as a single Zebra was startled, causing this stampede. After the initial rush of the mass movement we realised that there were no predators around but Andy had managed to snap this beautiful photo of panic.

In contrast to this, the second photo Andy entered into the Black and White Category is a peaceful and intimate shot of a female Mountain Gorilla taken on Mount Bisoke, an extinct volcano in the Virunga Volcanic mountains of the Great Rift Valley, in Eastern Africa. After climbing the steep slopes on a humid and stormy day, we were fortunate enough to find the Umubano group of Mountain Gorillas in a small clearing along the slopes of Bisoke. This intimate setting allowed us to closely study the Gorilla’s almost human characteristics and Andy captured this wonderfully human act of the female gorilla inspecting her hands.

Over the next few days we will upload our four other entries and bring news of an exciting documentary project we are taking part in around the Royal Wedding….there’s lots about to happen, make sure you stay up to date with Wonkyeye!!

All Images © 2011 Wonky Eye


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