London Marathon: the competitors

In eleventh place was  Viktor Rothlin (02:12:44) Taking a quick drink as he rang past me at the 25th mile.

I’m struggling to get factual information but it appears that Abel Kirui actually dropped out of the London Marathon.

We saw him at the 25 mile point and where he stopped to take a drink.

Looking completely exhausted he took off running again.

If you know more about why he dropped out please post it on this site.

One very happy looking celebrity was Tony Audenshaw, who ran home in an impressive 03:18:13

Shortly after him was a comfortable looking Dwight Yorke who finished in 03:31:56

Coming first in her category 70+, Sue Lambert was smiling at the 25 mile point and finished with an amazing time of 04:03:46

Richard Whitehead is a congenital double amputee, Paralympian, who now applies his determination and natural athleticism to long-distance running, he finished in 03:05:23

By 25 miles pain and exhaustion was showing on the faces of many of the contestants

Here are a few which showed particular determination.

Daniel Vargas: 02:19:26

Paul O Callaghan: 02:38:45

Amy Whitehead: 02:39:27

Martin Wilcock: 02:54:12

All Images © 2011 Wonky Eye


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