London Marathon: The Crowd

This was my first time to experience the London Marathon and ‘experience’ is the only word that can be used to describe the occasion.

I was surprised by the amount of people supporting and the sheer happiness, pride and emotion on display.

Some runners enjoyed the atmosphere and rallied the supporters to be louder, others got the support they needed to dig deep and muster up enough energy to get them through the last 1.2 miles.

Here’s a few photos of the crowd and the runners.

If you haven’t been to the London Marathon, next year you should make an effort to get out onto the streets and enjoy one of the most fun days in town.

Or if you’re feeling up to the challenge the public ballot opens 26th April this year, next year’s marathon is on 22nd April in 2012. Hopefully Andy will one of those I’ll be photographing next year!

If you have found yourself on any of the last four blogs and would like to purchase your photo please contact us @

All Images © 2011 Wonky Eye


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