The Royal Wedding, worth all the hype?

So the Royal Wedding, is it worth all the hype? A resounding YES!
What a day! We were in at Westminster at 8.00am when the hazy skies still looked like they might open and spoil the fun, they never did and everything about the day was fun. Hundreds of thousands of people turned out to genuinely support the marriage of William and Catherine. An overwhelming sense of emotion and pride ran throughout the streets. This was a truely global event with 2 billion people watching and thousands of nationalities celebrating as if it were there own. Ironically this monarchical celebration was inclusive to all, the streets were made ours after the royal parade and it was surreal to watch children run down the centre of the Mall or groups stand and pose for a group photo in the usually congested and stressed streets of the city.

Our job was to document this, trying to capture a sense of what the day was like, behind the barrier and off screen. It was a challenging and exhausting day but paid off. Our photos have been well received by the World Photography Organisation and world renowned photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg has chosen two WonkyEye photos for the exhibition.

The exhibition starts tomorrow at 17.00 and will run until 22nd May 2011.

We will hope to publish our photos on this blog over the next two days, so please come back and have a look at the alternative side of the Royal Wedding!


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