Hurricane Irene: Pre-storm in NYC

On our recent trip to Central America we stopped off in NY on our way home. We thought it would be a relaxing time with a chance to take a few photos around the city. Unfortunately the night we were due to fly home hurricane Irene was due to fly in. We now know it was a tropical storm by the time she hit the city but the build up and the aftermath made for some great photos.

From the iconic Bloomingdales being boarded up to Times Square silently twinkling for no one, New York was how we’d never seen it before.

However the first thing we should all do is….

And they were out in force, the wetter the situation the more camera crews that turned up…

There were lots of warnings…

but that didn’t stop people getting on with their daily life…

or coming out to watch the show…

But the reality was that a hurricane was due to hit, everywhere was boarded up to avoid shattered windows and destruction of property…

The Subway was closed and taxis circled the city to pick up the few remaining stragglers..

But as we left the city there was a sense of ominous danger approaching….

the fire engines, police men and ambulances the last to leave…


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