Great North Run 2011

The great north run is truly a challenge, a hilly half marathon where you battle amongst 54,000 for your place on the road.

Not for the faint hearted this races allows the amateur to enjoy the crowds and the challenge, the enthusiastic to push themselves and the professionals battle to break records.

Kenyan stars Martin Mathathi and Lucy Kabuu raced through with phenomenal speed and style to come first in the men and women’s sections.

From the comfort of the hill fans watch Lucy Kabuu race far beyond the field to win in 01:07:06

Martin Mathathi sped home in 58 minutes 56 seconds

We had previously photographed Emmanuel Mutai as he won the London Marathon 2011 on a hot April day amongst the excitement of the streets of London so it was slightly strange to see him run the streets of newcastle on a bleary, wet day.

Mutai came third with a time of 00:59:52. He was beaten by fellow Kenyan Jonathon Maiyo

Maiyo came second with a time of 00:59:27

From 01:00:00 the rain started to pour and the athletes started to pour home:

Stacey Rogers was egged on by the mural on the house wall to come 17th in the womens category with a time of 01:21:09, while James Douglas pounded towards the finish line with a time of 01:08:20.

The important thing to remember is that aside from record breakers, fancy dresses and celebrity runners the majority of runners pounding the pavement were running to raise awareness and money for their chosen charities.

So as always if you think you have what it takes why not enter yourself for September 2012.

All Images © 2011 Wonky Eye


7 thoughts on “Great North Run 2011

    • When Andy came through there were lots of people and I just spotted him enough to cheer him on, he was gone in a flash! Hopefully I’ll do better next week in Berlin!

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