Berlin Marathon

The Berlin marathon is always watched intently by runners as the flat course leads to a record breaking race. This year was no different with all the attention on Haile Gebrselassie. Elite runners Hahnel, Farsoeht and Pakhoi weren’t to know that two of them would finish a race that Haile dropped out of.

Hahnel: 02:28:04 Farsoeht 02:21:04 Pakhoi: dropped out

Paula Radcliffe may have been nervous before she started making a quick stop in the portaloos but she proved that she is back on form finishing 3rd behind Florence Kiplagat and Irina Mikitenko.

As with all of these races it’s the thousands of amateurs racing to achieve personal bests and the thousands of locals lining the streets that create the true atmosphere. Here’s a few photos of competitors and street scenes that made the day such a fun one.

Oliveira, Antonio 02:28:44

Halfway point and ‘where the **** is the finish line?’ is already in the thoughts of many!

Steffen Zeyer seemed to benefit from the extra support running his fastest km at this half way point, finishing with a great time of 02:53:45.

Bands lined the streets…

The other half of Wonkyeye: Andy Greaves did me proud finishing in a personal best of 04:01:26

Impossible is nothing…

For some the hot weather couldn’t be quenched by a drink and they sought relief running through the spray of the Berlin city Fire Brigade trucks

As we left to go and enjoy a bratwurst and beer the thousands were still streaming through, battling against the pain to finish the last few kms.

All Images © 2011 Wonky Eye


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