Islas Galápagos

The Beagle

This is the start of a series of photography blogs based on our trip to the Galapagos Islands in April 2014. We sailed for 8 days around the North Western islands on the beautiful two-mast schooner ‘The Beagle’. Our excellent guide Daniel Sanchez had a wealth of knowledge to share with us as he took us snorkelling and trekking around the islands. We met a great group of people who made this trip so memorable. We thought this would be a trip of a lifetime, and it didn’t disappoint.

Sally lightfoot crab Penguin Isla Isabela Giant TortoiseBlue Footed Boobies Marine Iguana Sea Lion Flightless Cormorant Common Dolphin Juvenile Red Footed Boobie Male Frigate Bird Darwin's LakeSunset

All Images © Wonky Eye 2014

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4 thoughts on “Islas Galápagos

  1. Michelle & Andy, What beautiful and inspiring pictures; usage of lighting and bokeh are excellent. I especially like the dolphins mid-air; it’s my first real look at them since I didn’t get any close-ups. Looking forward to the next installments … and wonder what else I missed.

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