Isla Galápagos Part II


Sailing for eight days was obviously going to be an incredible experience, especially aboard such a beautiful schooner, but we had no idea just how fascinating being on, and in the water would be. As we sailed along we were treated to the sights of dolphins, whales and lots of tuna jumping out of the water.

Dolphin_Pod_01 Dolphin_Pod_03 Dolphin_Pod_02

We also saw huge schools of Mola Mola (ocean sun fish)  jumping clear out of the water. This was a new experience for us and at times the ocean looked like it was swarming with small sharks as their dorsal fin protruded the surface. When they jumped they were gone in a flash and this is the only photograph we managed to take which captured it.


We had expected the marine life to be spectacular so we factored in time for scuba diving beforehand and went to the beautiful dive sites of Enderby and Champion at Floreana island. Visibility wasn’t amazing but with so many currents whirling around that was to be expected. Galapagos sharks, although described as curious, thankfully didn’t pay too much attention too us and more often then not, swam away as we approached. We were blown away by the numbers of fish, rays, turtles and sharks. The most fun and impressive of all were the beautiful sea lions that would jump in to play when we snorkelled, swimming right up to and around us, like puppies! (more to come on that in part III!) Here are a few photos of these beautiful creatures taken from the land.




All Images © Wonky Eye 2014

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