Isla Galápagos Part III

PELICAN_CLOSE UPAs we mentioned in the last post diving in the Galapagos was spectacular but we were in now way prepared for how amazing snorkelling would be. Sharks, turtles, rays were all common place on each snorkel. What sets snorkelling in the Galapagos aside from any where else in the world is the ability to watch marine iguanas cling to volcanic rocks under water and chomp away at the algae, to have a penguin swim along side you at the equator, to watch a cormorant dive like a rocket from the water surface and all of this while seeing puffer fish, octopus and even a sea horse! But what makes the Galapagos so fascinating is how there seems to be no clear dividing line between sea and land. Many of the land reptiles and birds also spend much of their time in the algae rich waters. Eagle eyed blue footed boobies nose dive from huge heights into the waters below. Marine Iguanas lounge around in the mid morning after having an early morning dive in the waters, searching for food.

In this post we will focus on the sea birds; penguins, pelicans, boobies, frigates and cormorants.

blue footed boobies

Red_Footed_Boobie Red_Footed_Boobie_1Penguins Penguin Penguin_3 Penguin_2 Nazca_BoobiesNazca_Boobie Frigate Frigate_2 Female frigate cormorant Cormorant_2 Chick boobie chickblue footed boobie_1boobie in flight





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