“Everyone is a photographer nowadays”

Family photography

I keep hearing “everyone is a photographer nowadays” as if it is a bad thing. It isn’t. Photography is now built into our way of life. Every occasion is photographed, every moment shared and everyone is a photographer. Those trying to make a living out of photography are somewhat annoyed by the competition but I think we should embrace it. Surely the more people you are taking photos mean there are more people who are getting frustrated that the photo wasn’t quite right. That their photo doesn’t look like the ones from Nat Geo, that maybe there is a skill to photography that even the latest iPhone can’t create for you. All of us who are trying to making a living from this know that it takes time, lots of it! And specialist lenses, expensive ones, to really help you achieve that perfect photo. Here at Wonky Eye we are constantly trying to improve our photography skills. We want to work with people to help create a story from our photos so if there is anywhere or anyone you want photographed please get in touch and we will do our best to help you create that perfect photo that will freeze your story in time.

Michelle X

Ps this family photo perfectly captures our family on one of our first days out in our new home, it was taken by my sister and she is “not” a photographer!


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