The story behind the photo 1/10


This photo was taken on a beautiful sunny day in September. The street atmosphere was jovial and upbeat as thousands of runners pounded the streets of Berlin for 26.2 miles. One of the flattest marathons available it attracts top athletes from around the world, and of course our Andy! My task for the day was to photograph the runners and supporters and it was a lot of fun, being one of the easiest routes to travel around I was able to support Andy at multiple stops along the way. At around the half way mark I had just cheered Andy on and turned to take photos of the brass band beside me when I spotted this homeless man almost hidden in plain sight. The sun was just catching his face and lighting up his blue bags. I shot off three shots before I had time to think. Thankfully I had switched to my 35 mm lens just seconds before. I turned back to the street where crowds were cheering and clapping the runners who were disregarding the now 3/4 full bottles of water and skins of banana they had just received. I turned back again to the man who had now turned inwards to the wall to avoid the glaring sun. Saddened I took my photos of the brass band.

Berlin Marathon blog from that day

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