The story behind the photo 4/10

Skeleton_Coast_[Namibia]The Skeleton coast of Namibia isn’t high on everyone’s bucket list; it’s barren, wild and isolated, why would it be? For us its history of taking ships and the lives of all on them was fascinating. How could one stretch of land be so infamously dangerous that almost all who were shipwrecked here never escaped. If the Portuguese and Spanish sailors managed to survive the swirling fogs and strong currents which brought their ships ashore, they were less likely to survive the parching dryness and starving predators on land. Imagine trying to drink from a waterhole belonging to lions, leopards, hyenas and elephants!

This photo suggests a quiet, calm road stretching into the abyss begging for you to follow it. That’s what we felt when we entered the skull and crossbones gates of the Skeleton Coast National Park. We were driving the 98 Kms to Terrance Bay where we were allowed stay for the night. Within 5 Kms of the gate the loose sands were whipped into a frenzy by the wild winds and danced like horses in our path. It was both majestic and terrifying. Our sturdy 4 wheel drive truck was swaying in the wind. When it seemed to die down we thought we would get out to take photos. Our doors almost snapped with the force of the wind as they opened. Andy braved the elements for this photo while I watched out for Brown Hyena.
This was an eventful journey which got even more exciting when we arrived at Terrance Bay, but that’s a whole other story and a different set of photos!

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