The story behind the photo 6/10

Roberto's wife

I feel sad that I don’t know this lady’s name, she will always be known as Roberto’s wife. We met in Trinidad, Cuba on a very hot afternoon when myself and Andy had gone our separate ways to take portraits. An one hour challenge to see who could get the best photos. Andy won, but I got a little more from the hour then I had envisioned.

Roberto’s wife was leaning out of her house window, as pictured, when I was walking down the street. I stopped to photograph her and have a chat in my broken Spanish. Roberto appeared and I also took his photo and spoke some more. They invited me into their home and offered me a drink. Obviously it would have been rude not to accept so in I went. By now my tourist Spanish had run out and I had no idea what drink I was getting. It wasn’t rum but it was alcoholic, like burn the back of your throat alcoholic! What added a little extra bite were the 5/6 ants floating around in the glass. I knew I couldn’t leave when Roberto took out a writing pad and starting writing me a letter, he said I could translate it later and find out exactly what they wanted me to do. I figured out this request involved me buying them something and posting it from home. The Irish are very generous they had heard.

I was barely sipping the drink, using my teeth as a barrier to the ants, but the room was starting to spin. What had they given me?! I was so happy to see Andy walk past the house so I called out the window and he came to join us. More alcohol appeared, Andy wasn’t lucky enough to get the ants. Just as Andy started to feel the room spin as well Roberto had finished his letter. We used that as a sign we could go and thanked our hosts profusely before heading back to our hotel .

It wasn’t until we returned to England that I asked a Spanish lady to translate the letter for me. It was full of information about how hard it is for locals to buy things in Cuba and what Roberto and his wife would really like me to send them was a camera just like mine. A Canon 5d mark II to be exact. Needless to say I didn’t have the spare cash to send them the camera. Maybe if I ever get successful we can return and give Roberto and his wife a camera!

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