The story behind the photo 7/10

Hyde Park Siesta

It seems like a long time ago since Wiliam and Kate tied the knot, 5 years to be exact. This young couple are now, presumably, tired parents of two gorgeous children. Boris Johnson was merely just the bumbling Mayor of London, presumably drinking copious amounts of champagne to help celebrate the Royal wedding and, dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister. Nigel Farage was relatively unheard of, presumably downing copious pints of ale to help toast these youngsters and talking about Pippa’s bottom. Michael Gove, well no one has ever liked Micheal Gove so it doesn’t matter what he was doing, albeit probably conjuring up a plan about how he would firstly destroy the education system and then the country.

The whole of London turned into one big street party and we had the pleasure of photographing the whole event through a Sony run documentary course lead by documentary photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg. The aim was to capture the party atmosphere and it was easy, I never experienced such a public display of happiness for two young people. A royal wedding meant that in true British fashion Pimms and Procesco was drunk in copious amounts from early in the morning. This photo was displayed in Somerset House as part of the Sony World Phototagraphy Awards. At the time we thought it represented the end of the party. In hindsight I worry that this photo caused BREXIT. I mean it does show five Spanish friends clearly imposing their culture and way of life, during one of the most British celebrations ever, by having a siesta in the middle of the day! Who ever knew this photo would result in the downfall of the British economy, Boris’s career and Nigel’s not one, but two early retirements. Gove, well as I said before, no one ever liked Gove. To all of our British family and friends I can only apologise I highlighted the negative impact immigrants were having on your country. I can only say as an immigrant myself I knew no better.

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