Faces of Galway 8/100

8_100_Gavan copyright

Meet Gavan from Knocknacarra

We have always had a romantic notion of becoming adventurers here at Wonky Eye Photography.  We have traveled a lot and been to places that aren’t your run of the mill holiday destination, we have been physically and mentally tested, and we spent six months sleeping in the hottest and smallest tent imaginable in Africa. But we were no where near to the level of an adventurer. Livingstone, Shakelton and now Hennigan, now there are adventurers!

When we meet Gavan on a rowing machine in Salthill we couldn’t help but stop and talk to him. This was common for the whole 5 hours he was rowing 50k. He was there to support the Frances Thorton Memorial swim (more on that tomorrow) and to show off his new boat Doireann. This is going to be his home from December. He is planning on rowing the Atlantic SOLO as part of The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge Race! Now his boat is bigger then our tent was but that’s some challenge, in fact it is considered to be one of the toughest challenges on the planet!

A really level headed guy (good for all that alone time at sea) Gavan is excited about this adventure and to be fair it will be warmer then so,e of his last ones. Why not check out his website to see what he has been up to?



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