Faces of Galway 10/100

Pat Divilly.jpg

Meet Pat, from Limerick, but claimed by Galway!

Who else to bring us into our weekend but best selling author, motivational speaker and fitness coach, and award winning entrepreneur; Pat Divilly. We are delighted to have Pat as our tenth Face of Galway.

A good portrait will always give you a little insight into a person and if you look at Pat’s eyes you can see a steel drive there that isn’t common in many people. He is focused on what he wants to achieve and that stems from his past failures. Using the word steel might suggest he is hard or ruthless but actually he is quite the opposite. There is a really sense of community and belonging when chatting with Pat, he genuinely wants to help people and his local area.

So to bring us into the, hopefully sunny, weekend we will leave you with a quote from Pat that we at Wonky Eye Photography live by:

“My belief is that ideas and thoughts are free, so you might as well think big and dream!”

For more information on Pat check out his website: http://www.patdivilly.com/


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